Dan is the Managing Partner at LeifLaw, a full service virtual law firm. Dan’s maintains a general practice, but has focused on intellectual property and representing clients primarily in the games industry. Dan practices in all areas relevant to the industry, including contracts, technology licensing, copyright/trademark registration and litigation, and entertainment/technology related business practices advisement. Dan also advises clients on First Amendment issues, defamation/libel & slander, corporate registration and partnerships, and other areas of general practice. He also has extensive PR and business experience and can serve as public relations, executive/studio management, and business development counsel for studios that lack the knowledge or resources to acquire a permanent staff in those positions.

Dan regularly discusses legal issues facing the games industry as a contributing editor for, the largest and most popular news source for political and legal discussion in the games industry.

Drawing on his experience as a game developer, and journalist, he has been featured on several panel discussions and speaking engagements, including “Legal Issues in the Games Industry” for Penny Arcade Expo 2008, 2009, and 2010, Pax East and MagFest; and was selected as an International Game Developer’s Association Scholar at GDC 2009 for the Business and Legal track. He was elected to the IGDA IP Rights SIG Steering Committee, and co-hosted the IP Rights SIG Roundtable at GDC 2010.

Dan’s focus is primarily on intellectual property and software licensing, especially under alternative license formats, and free2play revenue sharing arrangements with media partners. He also retains an interest in general copyright and trademark issues, as well as intellectual property policy, privacy policy, and free speech/first amendment policy. From time to time he represents traditional gaming (casino/gambling) clients. He has been retained by several indie developers to draft and review critical business documents, including business plans, NDAs, hiring agreements, licensing forms, operating agreements, corporate formalities, and more.

Dan is co-authoring a chapter in the upcoming book,  INTERNATIONAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY & RELATED LEGAL ISSUES IN VIRTUAL WORLDS (forthcoming 2013) for the American Bar Association.

For further information, or to retain Dan’s services, contact drosenthal (at) gameslaw (dot) net.